Here is the latest batch of Lucid course feedback; this is every single comment we’ve had on the feedback sheets between March and June 2018. We are really proud that so many of our trainees go beyond just ticking all the right boxes and actually write how much they liked the course.

Date Course Trainer Comments from course report forms
Jun-18 Laser safety John Excellent course, very informative.John was superb and made the subject matter very interesting. Would definitey recommend Lucid.
Jun-18 Laser safety John Most interesting course I have received.
Jun-18 Laser safety John Very good and informative. Met requirements.
Jun-18 Laser safety John I found the course very informative and interesting. It had just the right amount of content without being too over complicated. Thanks .
Jun-18 Laser safety John John did a very good job explaining all topics. This was a very interseting course . Thanks .
Jun-18 C&G Fibre Alistair Fantastic organisation. Very helpful ,many thanks.
May-18 C&G Fibre Alistair Very informative course, well delivered
May-18 C&G Fibre Alistair Very well presented course. Happy with the pass.
May-18 C&G Fibre Alistair Enjoyable course
Apr-18 AOTDR John Having trained with a number of providers in the fibre industry I can say that the standard of teaching and course quality is second to none. Thank you .
Apr-18 C&G Fibre Alistair Great course
Apr-18 C&G Fibre Alistair Well run course-excellent knowledge of tutors.
Apr-18 C&G Fibre Alistair Instructor was very helpful
Apr-18 C&G Fibre Alistair A more step-wise approach to the modules would be helpful
Apr-18 AOTDR John Absolutely brilliant course. I have learned a lot.
Apr-18 AOTDR John Great course. Very informative. John explains complicated subjects in a way that makes it easy to understand.
Mar-18 C&G Copper Steve The course was both fun and useful.

All course comments back to 2001 are available on our course comments page

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