Privacy Policy

All our customers – and potential customers – can rest assured that Lucid Optical Services Ltd maintain a strict policy of total customer confidentiality. Hence we will not make email address lists or any other customer information available to anybody else.

When submitting formal tenders or similar, Lucid may be asked to supply lists of existing customers or trade references. On these occasional we will not divulge the names of any customers or other business associates without their explicit consent, and all documents containing such information will be marked “company confidential” and not passed on to any third parties.

Lucid occasionally sends out course updates and newsletters, by email and/or post. We will only send these to people who have personally expressed an interest in Lucid and our training services, such as anybody asking for information about our courses, or trainees indicating that they wish to receive such communications.
If you no longer want to receive such communications just let us know, by replying to an email with “unsubscribe” in subject line or message body, or by any other means of communication.
Tel. from in the UK: 01539 621219
Tel. outside the UK: +44 1539 621219

Our telephone and facsimile numbers are registered with the UK telephone preference service. We have a busy office and do not appreciate unsolicited calls that are not related to our work or industry. We prefer to spend our time helping trainees, and we welcome calls from people within the industry who wish to get to know us or show us new products that may be of use to our clients.