LaserBee 6 now available

LaserBee 6.0.0 is now available.  This version of LaserBee embodies the latest version of IEC 60825-1 released in May this year and just adopted as a British Standard BS EN 60825-1:2014.

Although the outward appearance of LaserBee is much the same, a major re-write has been required to incorporate all the requirements of the new standard. For example:

  • Users of the standard when looking up an AEL for a time which falls at a tabulation boundary are required to evaluate the AELs on either side of the boundary and choose the more restrictive.  LaserBee does this automatically.
  • When looking up a retinal MPE in the IR region users are required to check the skin MPE also to prevent damage to the anterior part of the eye. LaserBee does this automatically also.

When presenting its results, LaserBee explains its actions with reference to the published standard.

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