More Great Course Comments for Lucid

Here is another batch of Lucid course feedback; this is every single comment we’ve had on the feedback sheets since July 2017. We are really proud that so many of our trainees go beyond just ticking all the right boxes and actually write how much they liked the course.

Date Course Trainer Comments from course report forms
Jan-18 C&G Fibre Alistair OTDR-more time to practice
Jan-18 C&G Fibre Alistair Very happy with the course and all the staff involved. Very satisfied.
Jan-18 C&G Fibre Alistair Thank you for a great week and for the knowledge and skills I have gained.
Jan-18 C&G Fibre Alistair Excellent Venue.Really helpful staff.
Dec-17 Laser Safety John More in depth than expected. Very informative and appreciated.
Dec-17 Laser Safety John Very good course , well presented.
Dec-17 AOTDR John John was knowledgeable friendly and patient and I feel that I can put into practice what I have learned with confidence. I would recommend Lucid to anyone interested in learning about fibre optics.
Dec-17 AOTDR John Amazing course , full of useful content which I will use in the future.
Nov-17 C&G Fibre Alistair Course was very good and explained well for myself to understand. Would recommend course to anyone.
Nov-17 Adv Fibre Charac. John Very comprehensive. Very well pitched. A wealth of real world examples. Great instruction.
Nov-17 Adv Fibre Charac. John Fantastic course which covered everything. Delivered by the most knowledeable instructor I have come across.
Nov-17 Adv Fibre Charac. John Excellent course !
Nov-17 Adv Fibre Charac. John Excellent course. Very well delivered.
Nov-17 Adv Fibre Charac. John Excellent course material and presentation. Thoroughly enjoyed all aspects of the course and my understanding of the content has been greatly improved.
Nov-17 Adv Fibre Charac. John Excellent course. Tutor was very knowledgeable. Would recommend the course to other colleagues.
Nov-17 Adv Fibre Charac. John Really enjoyable course. Instructor is very knowledgeable and has a very relaxed approach to teaching.
Sep-17 C&G Copper Alistair Everything was perfect. Thank you very much for everything.
Sep-17 C&G Copper Alistair The material was very clearly presented. Very understandable.
Sep-17 C&G Copper Alistair All was clearly represented.
Sep-17 C&G Copper Alistair Thank you very much Alistair. Everything was perfect.
Sep-17 C&G Copper Alistair Course tutor was so friendly and explaining everything very detailed. Such a nice guy !
Sep-17 C&G Copper Alistair With more than 10 years experience I am still learning things. Our tutor was brilliant. Thank you !
Sep-17 C&G Copper Alistair Tutor is a great professional .
Sep-17 C&G Fibre Steve Very informative, very useful
Sep-17 C&G Fibre Steve Everything was very well explained throughout the course
Sep-17 C&G Fibre Steve Was a very enjoyable week. Course was run in an excellent way. All staff are helpful and friendly. Would highly recommend.
Sep-17 Umbilical Alistair Suggest a test at end of each module. Too much information.
Sep-17 Umbilical Alistair Good Course but would prefer test at end of each module.
Jul-17 C&G Copper Steve Really enjoyed this course.Made to feel very welcome. Standard of tuition was excellent.
Jun-17 AOTDR John Very helpful course. Gained a lot of info I can take back to my working day . Many thanks .

All course comments back to 2001 are available on our course comments page

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