LaserBee Version History

LaserBee versions 4 and earlier were written in Labview. The need for LaserBee 5 arose when 60825-1 was revised in 2007. LaserBee 5 was then written in Java to fully embody BS EN 60825-1:2007 and BS EN 60825-14:2007.

Versions were numbered 5.x.y where a change in x generally indicates significant functionality added and a change in y indicates a more minor upgrade or bugfix release. The first public version, 5.0.5, was released in February 2009 and purchasers were upgraded to 5.1.0 in July 2009.

LaserBee 6.0.0 was released in October 2014 following the revision of 60825-1 in 2014. (BS EN 60825-1:2014, IEC 60825-1 ed 3.0).

Please use the “comment” facility at the bottom of this page to suggest potential features you would like to see in future versions, or discuss any possibly issues you have found in LaserBee (you may have to subscribe first – the only way we can avoid being swamped by spam). Alternatively, you are also welcome to just send comments by email. We value all feedback, good or bad, as it all helps us improve LaserBee in the areas that matter to you!


Advanced Computational Entry (ACE) Aperture calculations tab added.
Pulse calculations tab upgraded to ACE


Support for the revised BS EN 208:2009 added


Support for the revised BS EN 207:2009 added (without beam diameter factor)
Flight Zones Tab added to estimate distraction, glare and flash blindness hazards
Print Tab summaries added which allows printing of calculation details


Occasional Flight Zones tab flicker corrected


BS EN 207:2009 beam diameter factor implemented (it is wrong in the published standard!)

Option to reset preferences added


Tab summary for Classification tab added giving details of condition 1, 2 and 3 measurements.
Upgrade notification mechanism added to alert users to availability of new upgrades.
Extended source labelling error corrected on Subtense tab


Option to apply C5 to Class 3B AELs added.
Obscure scrambled text error in Windows 7 64 bit Dutch machines corrected’
Fixed 207 beam diameter preferences


Layout and display improved.
Upgrade notification mechanism improved.
Added option in EN 207 to use pulse or average power for repeated long pulses


EN 207:1999 output changed to quote both pulsed and equivalent CW scale for repetitively pulsed lasers.
Reading of laser database files changed to accept “.” or “,” as the decimal separator.
Tab summary button only enabled when data available


Obscure input error when cycling between cw / repetitively pulsed / single pulse modes corrected


New Diffuse Reflections Tool added. Calculates Irradiance / radiant exposure at specified distance, NOHD and required OD for a variety of different models.


Numeric Aperture input problem for multimode fibres corrected.


The rad/mrad/urad input on the geometry tab now works.


Minor input routine modification to make all tools work from startup for any user entry.


A major re-write to comply with IEC 60825-1 ed.3, BS EN 60825-1:2014.


Irrelevant short pulse warning removed.
EN 207 CW laser < 30000 s exposure made type ‘I’ rather than ‘R’.


Several improvements made to clarify whether a linear divergence expression or a Gaussian beam divergence expression was being used.  Bug concerned with switching from an elliptical beam back to a circular beam corrected.


Lack of 60825-1:2014 ‘dual apertures’ warning and consequent classification error corrected (gave Class 1 in some cases when should have been 1M). The 60825-1 version in use was added to report file.


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