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LaserBee Adaptive Computation Entry (ACE)

ACE allows any field to be used as an input or an output. This greatly enhances program flexibility and ease of use. The concept is illustrated in the simple examples below - try it! Type in any input field (text goes red to indicate edit in progress) then press return or select a new unit from the pull-down next to the input field to complete your input. (javascript and java must be enabled to try this) You can enter new data over the old data or computed result as you wish.

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LaserBee 5.2 takes this concept much further than the simple examples above. Part of the Gaussian Beam Aperture Calculations tab is shown below::


Any of the above parameters may be input in any order and all calculable parameters will immediately be deduced after each input! The inputs in the above example were divergence distance, divergence, period, source diameter, pulse energy and aperture diameter (i.e. those with a white background while the calculated outputs have a light blue background). This is a fairly normal calculation - the laser properties are all known and the aperture power and energy etc. are calculated at a known distance from the source.

The example shown below, however, illustrates a less obvious calculation. The divergence of a laser is estimated from the power measured at the source and that passing through a 7 mm hole 10 metres away. This is a 'quick and dirty' alternative to scanning the beam profile to get the diverged d63 diameter of the beam. For source diameters from 0.5 to 1.5 mm the estimated divergence varies from 0.8 to 0.7 mrad so we don't need a highly accurate source diameter to obtain a reasonable estimate of the divergence provided that we have a Gaussian beam with its waist near the source aperture.


Note that the exposure time and energy-related fields are undefined showing the partial calculation aspect of ACE. Supplying any of the undefined fields will define them all.

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